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children photos scrapbook
December 28, 2009, 10:11 pm
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procrastinated for tad too long!
here are some pics for my sister’s scrapbook.
could have scanned it but i’m lazyy. :p

there’s no particular theme for the entire scrapbook
as my main objective is to make it adorable and colourful enough for children.

this is the cover page with her name on it.
there’s more space on the left because i’m binding it on that side.

superstar: she always behaves like a star, dance, sing and do funny acts.

i illustrated the weather doll,
with her photos hanging on strings like garment left out to dry.
because:  irregardless of the weather, we are still growing everyday

3rd birthday: in her fav outfit and requesting for a cake on her birthday.

the completed stack

Binded! 😀

i also did her a mini photo album
& i will upload it soon.


customizable 2010 calendar
December 2, 2009, 4:47 am
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I have a secret obsession with calendars lately and i saw this template online that made me go a little GAGA.
Customizable monthly calendars, just add your favourite pictures with PHOTOSHOP!

download Photoshop trial if you doesnt have it.
available at Adobe’s site. 😀

I know it’s not difficult to like do up your calendar template with Photoshop/Illustrator etc.
but it’s always good to have kind souls who upload the freebies and all you need to pluck a picture, paste and print!

and the template are sized in a way it fits into the CD case!
you can take your CD cases and make it as a stand for your calendar!

like this:

brilliant isnt it? 😀
you can download it from shuttersisters

info via i do it yourself
P.S// the photo scrapbook for my little sister is done. i’ll upload it on my next post. 😀

2010 calendar free download
November 26, 2009, 4:09 pm
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2009 is almost coming to an end.
There will be days on the calendars that we look forward to and not.
But! that doesnt apply if you have a lovely monthly calendar, even the usual monday blues look a little more sparkly.

Free printable download calendar by via loveobsessinspire

i’m going to print my set of pretty calendars after i get the appropriate papers.

DIY bows
November 26, 2009, 3:40 pm
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i saw bows when i’m shopping, saw bows online..
then, i decided to just make my own bows!


i made these for my bestfriend.

i sprayed the safety pin slate gray, cos i thought silver wasnt pretty enough.

and that’s my little sis with a bow on her head!
children still put it off best.

Making a Photo Book
November 16, 2009, 2:30 pm
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i’m at the midst of compiling my little sis’s photos.
i’m suppose to make her a photobook before this month ends as she’s leaving.

i do make my own photo books
but now that i’ve to do for a kid it got to be a lot more “exciting”.
in terms of text, colours and layout.
just got to be alot more fanciful.

i came across this site, where they posted this entry on photobooks.
& i think it saved a whole lot of my brain cells.

photo book via (

(via stylemepretty )

simple yet beautiful.
i can’t wait to work on the photobook.

i’ll post it up when i’m done with it.